CMU 15-110 Schedule
Spring 2019

Unit Event / Topics
Unit 1

Mon 14-Jan Course Goals + Policies   |   Graphics (Tkinter)
Wed 16-Jan Data Representation and Algorithms
Thu 17-Jan Recitation
Fri 18-Jan Case Studies + Further Practice
Mon 21-Jan MLK Day (No Classes)
Tue 22-Jan Hw1 Due
Wed 23-Jan Optional/Advanced Topics 1
Thu 24-Jan Recitation (Quiz1 Prep)
Fri 25-Jan Quiz1 + Solutions
Unit 2

Mon 28-Jan Events and Conditionals
Wed 30-Jan Polar Vortex (No Classes on Wed or Thu)
Fri 1-Feb Case Studies + Further Practice
Mon 4-Feb Computer Systems 1: Gates and Circuits (in unit3)
Wed 6-Feb Hw2 Due   |   Optional/Advanced Topics 2
Thu 7-Feb Recitation (Quiz2 Prep)
Fri 8-Feb Quiz2 + Solutions
Unit 3

Mon 11-Feb Running Code   |   Writing Functions   |   Data and Expressions   |   Conditionals
Wed 13-Feb Loops (part 1)
Thu 14-Feb Recitation (Code Tracing)
Fri 15-Feb Loops (part 2)   |   Strings (part 1)
Mon 18-Feb Case Studies + Further Practice
Wed 20-Feb Optional/Advanced Topics 3   |   Optional OH
Thu 21-Feb Hw3 Due   |   Recitation (Quiz3 Prep)
Fri 22-Feb Quiz3 + Solutions
Unit 4

Mon 25-Feb Strings (part 2)   |   1d Lists (part 1)   |   Object-Oriented Programming Part 1 (Creating objects)
Wed 27-Feb Theory: Searching + Sorting
Thu 28-Feb Recitation
Fri 1-Mar 1d Lists (part 2)   |   More Code Tracing
Mon 4-Mar Hw4 Due   |   Midterm Prep
Wed 6-Mar Midterm (Units 1-4)
Thu 7-Mar Recitation (Review midterm)
Fri 8-Mar
Sun 17-Mar
Spring Break (No Classes)
Unit 5

Mon 18-Mar Nested Loops   |   2d Lists   |   2d Board Games
Wed 20-Mar Case Studies + Further Practice: makeTranspose and Snake!
Thu 21-Mar Recitation
Fri 22-Mar Randomness + Monte Carlo Methods   |   Exceptions   |   Case Study: pairedSocks
Mon 25-Mar Computer Systems 2: CPU's and Assembly (with LMC) (in unit6)
Tue 26-Mar Hw5 Due
Wed 27-Mar Computer Systems 2: CPU's and Assembly (with LMC) (in unit6) (continued)
Thu 28-Mar Recitation (Quiz4a Prep)
Fri 29-Mar Quiz4a + Solutions
Unit 6

Mon 1-Apr Sets   |   Maps   |   Object-Oriented Programming Part 2 (Writing methods)
Wed 3-Apr Recursion
Thu 4-Apr Recitation
Fri 5-Apr Quiz4b + Solutions
Mon 8-Apr Optional/Advanced Topics (Advanced Recursion)
Tue 9-Apr Hw6 Due
Wed 10-Apr Quiz5   |   Term Project Assignment
Thu 11-Apr
Sun 14-Apr
Spring Carnival (No Classes)
Unit 7

Mon 15-Apr Top-Down Design, Testing, Debugging   |   Style   |   Term Project Signups Due
Wed 17-Apr History of Computing -- The Imitation Game (Part 1)
Thu 18-Apr Recitation
Fri 19-Apr History of Computing -- The Imitation Game (Part 2)
Mon 22-Apr Tractability + NP-Completeness (in unit8)
Wed 24-Apr Hw7 Due   |   Computability + The Halting Problem (in unit8)
Thu 25-Apr Recitation (Quiz6 Prep)
Fri 26-Apr Quiz6 + Solutions
Unit 8

Mon 29-Apr Hot Topics in CS
Wed 1-May CS + Comedy   |   Term Project due
Thu 2-May Recitation (Quiz7 prep)
Fri 3-May Quiz7   |   Computing for Social Good   |   Wrapping Up
Thu 9-May    8:30am-11:30am: Final Exam
Room Andrew Id's
GHC 4307A*** to C***
GHC 4401D*** to Z***