CMU 15-112: Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science
Extra Practice for Week 7 (Due never)

  1. Turn-based Board and Logic Games
    Creating basic turn-based board or logic games is an excellent way to practice event-based animation without the added complications of timer-based events. These can include:
    1. Checkers
    2. Chess
    3. Isola
    4. Fox and Hounds
    5. Backgammon
    6. Stratego
    7. Sudoku
    8. Nonogram
    9. Sokoban
    10. More here and here

  2. Timer-based Arcade-Style Games
    Creating basic timer-based arcade-style games is an excellent way to practice timer-based animation. These can include:
    1. Bejeweled
    2. Flappy Bird
    4. Pong
    5. Frogger
    6. Breakout
    7. More here and here