Computer Science 15-112, Spring 2014
Term Project Gallery

The following student projects represent a range of topics, approaches, effort, and resulting grades.

Ada Situ Monopoly NYC
Alec Foster Moderately Impressive Apparatus
Alex Chen Appa's Escape
Alex Gerber Open Videosynthetophone
Alex Kent Face Shooter
Alison Chiu Pool
Andrew Zhang Pressed For Time!
Anthony Yeung E-card Generator
Aria Soltani Kingdom Hearts Side-scroller
Augustus Henry Crappy Bird
Ben Burgess Parka
Ben Chang Into the Darkness
Ben Crites Running Form Analyzer
Benjamin Junker Civilization (in Tkinter..)
Brad Chin Brad's Tower Defense
Ben Boesel Battle Blobs 3D
Brandon Au viDoodle!
Brandon Rogowski Automatic Card Counter
Brent Tan Strokes
Brian Khoury Arduino RC Golf
Brian Li Dino Spore
Brock Schmid Chess
Celina Liao Color Palette Selector
Charles Hutchinson Galaga Level Editor
Chris Wu Naruto: Protect Konoha
Christabelle Ashley Wong Feeding Dennis
Christine Leung Pacman Reversed
Christine Zhang SYNESTHIZE
Connie Yang 3D Snake
Daniel Jorge Harry Potter: Wand Training
David Gao Scheduler
David Song SoundWare
Devon White Tank Battle!
Donovan Powers Lard Quest
Drevin Galentine Dr. Drev's Beat Factory
Eric Terui Super Mario Whistle
Eric Wang Melodica
Felicia Alfieri Visual Story Creator
Felicia Wang Fantasyball (Sabermetrics AI)
Gary Falanga 3D Lockpicking
Hyunho Jeon Hero Defense
Ian Rosenberg 3dMapper
Iris Qian Mini Pokemon
Isaac Manjarres Numerical Analysis Calculator
Jack Moldave 3d STL Viewer
Jackson Bahr 3D-Maze
Jaeho Bang Paintshop
James Chen WAV to Nonsense
Jamie Yang Insaniquarium
Jason Dynes Bullet Hell Shoot-em-up
Jason Kim PyTouhou
Jennifer Han Pac-Man with Artificial Intelligence
Jerry Wu Game Of Stones
Jessica Lee Shark Attack
Jianwei Zhang Chess Battle
Jiawei Sun Fluid Simulation
Jing Peng Melody
Jingqi Yang Bomberman
John Bird FORECHECK Hockey Gear Tool
Johnny Chen Fallout Van Buren
Joseph Gu Ultimate Frisbee Play Analyzer
Josie LaCoe GPS Capture the Flag
Julia Tucker 15-112 Practice
Justin Abel SoundWav
Karen Irvine MyMosaic
Karen Segal Rush Hour
Kincaid Murray Motion Curveball
Laura Gunsalus Ngrams Fun
Maddie Mesard 3D Maze Generator and Solver
Mark Vella Curator Creator
Matthew FlyPy Valley (also see here)
Matthew McGinn Infrared Data Transfer
Max Harlynking Synchronus - Audio/Video Synchronization Tool
Max Vachon Star Trek Battle
Michael Graesser Ship to Ship Combat
Michael Jeffers Web-scrape Data Analysis
Michael Yang Pokemon Drum
Michelle Tai Multiplayer Tanks
Michelle Wan Image Editor
Mike Villena Danmaku Game
Mitch Kosowski CatBot: A Robot That Plays With Your Cat
Mohak Nahta PlaySchool
Morgan Culbertson AutoBit
Natasha Vasthare Marble Quest
Nate Thompson Juk Box (also see here)
Neo Tianxing Zhu Flappy Bird 3D&Online
Nikita Bokil Tanks!
Noah Fatsi SpaceQuest! To the Stars and Beyond
Quang Sack Grayscale Colorizer
Reagan Henke KnitWit Sweater Designer
Rinko Maeshima Starwhal -- Narwhals fighting in space
Sam Farley Chantod
Sarah Tracy AI Texas Hold Em
Sean Reidy Spy Maze
Sergio Claure Shape Dodge
Shannon Wang Bubble Pop!
Shreya Gupta RowingMate
Sri Rao Bejeweled
Stephen D. Scott Settlers of Catan
Su Jin Pikachu Volleyball With AI
Suhaas Reddy Photo Reddy
Suresh Manian Cube Breaker
Susan Zuo Smile challenge
Taylor Casserly Cascade
Tom Garncarz HealthyHelper (also see here)
Tuan Anh Le Roguelike (also see here)
W. Tyler Reid ASCII Art Converter
Westin Foundation
Will Taylor AIDS Ed. (education app)
William Casazza Pythesizer
Wing Tung Wong "BuildIt" - A 3D Block World Design Tool"
Xian Chang Martial Arts Game
Xiaobin (Hugh) Wei Super Doge
Xin Li Bricks Breaker (also see here)
Yan Tan Roller coaster
Yifan (Jack) Wang FIFA Foosball 15
Yifan Leng Music Visualizer
Yijun Dong Easy Cube: 3D Rubik's Cube Tutorial
Ying Li RegressionMinder
Yong Gun Choe One Shot One Kill
Yu Luo ColorU
Yumna Kurdi Animation Game
Yuto Takamoto Touhou Muriyakore ~ Efficiency Impossibility (also see here)
Zach Shearer Survival3D
Zade Delgros Axon
Ziyun Zheng tap your beat
Hidden In Plain Sight

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