Computer Science 15-112, Spring 2012
Term Project Gallery

The following student projects represent a range of topics, approaches, effort, and resulting grades.

Sam Amsterdam Gnarwhals!
Chul Kyo Bae Portfolio Manager
Sam Bailey Touhou Action RPG
Katie Cameron Monopoly
Ben Charas WalkAbout
Alyssa Cook Piano Hero
Anthony Corletti smartBuggy (also see here)
Steven Cunningham Scrabble
Anuj Desai Foodle
Matineh Eybpoosh Toward Automated Monitoring of Lighting and Air Terminal Performance Using Thermal Images
Keenan Wendi Gao Cubist Dream (also see here)
Russell Kirmayer CMU Events Calendar (also see here)
Steven Kornfeld LaTeX Editor
Jeremy Meza Bloons Tower Defense 6
Daniel Muller Library Complete
Eric Myers 3D Target Blaster
Jake Naviasky Audio Evasion (also see here)
Nathan Oshlag Dungeon Crawler Barebones
Keisuke Osumi Fractal Explorer
Taeyoon Park Guitar Heroes
Sajidur Rahman Optical Character Recognition
Rohan Saigal Zoombini Zapper
Luke Schenker MEK
Shreepal Shah CALgreggate
Isaac Shamie Evolution Simulator
Alex Stern - An online version of Apples-to-Apples (also see here)
Krithiknath Tirupapuliyur Kingdom Hearts Tower Defense
Corinne Vassallo It's Ukulele Time!
Alex Warzinski Super Mario Blocks
Peter Wei Circuit Solver
Chris Williamson Chiptune Synthesizer
Jialun Xu Photo Mosaic
Cindy Zeng Fig.
Adrian Scramble


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