This page, and the practice tests it references, was authored by Dr. Margaret Reid-Miller

Portions of it may be useful to our course, especially in preparation for the final exam, but it is not designed specifically to correspond to our syllabus.

Exams and Tests

15-100 Introductory/Intermediate Programming
Fall 2007

Instructor: Dr. Margaret Reid-Miller

As these examinations and tests are to test your mastery of the course material, any student who receives, gives, or uses unauthorized information during any exam or test will be severely penalized and will be reported to the university for cheating. The consequences can be as severe as expulsion from Carnegie Mellon. There are no warnings.

Written Exam 1 Friday, Sep 28
Practice Exam 1 sample solution

Online Test 1 Tuesday, Oct 16
Practice Test 1 Sample solution Test solution H K L M

Written Exam 2 Friday, Nov 2
Practice Exam 2 sample solution

Online Test 2 Tuesday, Nov 27
Practice Test 2 Sample solution

Written Exam 3 Wednesday, Dec 5
Practice Exam 3 sample solution

Final Exam Monday, Dec 17 8:30am-11:30am
Sections K & L in DH 2315, Sections H & M in DH 2302 Final Exam Information

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