Computer Science 15-110 (Lecture 4), Spring 2010
Homework 7 (Optional)
Due:  Thu 18-Mar-2010 at 10pm (email copy to krivers) (no late submissions accepted).
Hw7 Submission Coordinator:  krivers

Hw7 is optional.  You may skip it entirely with no impact on your semester grade.

Students who submit hw7 will have it graded.  If the grade helps your semester grade, it will count, otherwise it will not.  So doing this hw can only help your grade, but is not required in any case.

The material on hw7 -- Reading from strings, files and web pages, and Monte Carlo methods -- will not be on the final exam.

Hw7 is collaborative (so you should work in small groups, but only with students currently enrolled in our class), like hw5.

Unless noted otherwise, all your methods should be in a single file,

Do the following problems from previous semesters:

  1. de Méré's Problem
  2. Even Number of Sixes
  3. Guessing Grade Odds
  4. wordCount (file I/O)
  5. currentTemperature (web I/O)
  6. numberGuessingGame (console I/O)
  7. Bonus/Optional:  currentWindchill
  8. Bonus/Optional:  Finite State Machines, part 1
  9. Bonus/Optional:  Finite State Machines, part 2

Carpe diem!