Computer Science 15-110 (Lecture 4), Spring 2010
Homework 11 (Tetris)
Due:  Thu 15-Apr-2010 at 10pm (email copy to koz) (no late submissions accepted).
Hw11 Submission Coordinator:  koz

This is collaborative but with unique rules so please read the following carefully.

For this assignment, you should work in a small group of either 2 or 3 people. Each group will submit only ONE program for the entire group. One of you (and only one of you) should email it to me, cc'ing everyone else in the group. Everyone in the group will receive the same grade.

Be sure that your code contains a comment including the names and andrew id's of everyone in the group!!! Also, be sure to cc everyone in the group when you submit your hw!!!

Groups must be formed no later than Saturday night. When a group is formed, each member of the group should email me a list of everyone in their group.

Students may not switch groups nor leave groups to work solo. Once in a group, you're in for the duration.

If you want to be in a group but you do not have a partner, attend office hours. The CA's will help organize students into groups of 2 or 3.

If you absolutely, positively refuse to be in a group, it's a bad decision, and it is disrecommended (strongly), but you're allowed to go it alone. Just email me by tomorrow night indicating such.

Also: you absolutely, positively must contribute to your group, roughly as much as everyone else in the group. Remember: participation is a required element of this course. That includes this group programming assignment.

The assignment itself: write Tetris exactly according to the design given in this step-by-step tutorial.

You may not use a different design, even if you think there's a better way to do it (there probably is, but you still have to do it this way).

Style counts for 15% of your grade.

Also, for bonus, you may do some of the additional suggestions on the last page.  Submit your bonus in a file

The assignment is due Thursday, 15-Apr, at 10pm.

However, we strongly encourage you to complete this prior to Spring Carnival. To that end:

* Students who submit by Wednesday, 14-Apr at 10pm get a 5-point bonus.

Plus, we will provide office hours every day including this weekend (so you should make serious progress over the weekend!). And we will NOT provide office hours on Thursday (the due day). We will provide extensive office hours every day from now up to and including Wednesday at 10pm (when we hope you submit the hw).

Good luck, have fun, and get started!!!

Carpe diem.

Carpe diem!