CMU 15-112: Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science
Creative Task 1 (Optional, Due Tuesday 3-Sep at 8pm)

Either solo or with a group of classmates, create a fun picture or video which in some way relates to CS, 112, or hw1. Appropriate examples include: taking a picture with the roboceptionist, spelling out 15112 in binary with standing and squatting classmates, or dressing up as Grace Hopper, among many many other ideas. Section TAs will display their favorite submission (from their section) during recitation next Wednesday and the top 5 submissions (course wide) will be displayed during lecture next Thursday. Collaboration is highly encouraged. Submissions that include large numbers of students are more likely to be displayed in class. How many can you get together? Be creative!

You can submit your picture or video at this link (where you can opt out of displaying your submission publicly if you'd prefer, though we sure hope to be able to share your cleverness!).