Computer Science 15-112, Fall 2013
Term Project Gallery

The following student projects represent a range of topics, approaches, effort, and resulting grades.

Aaron Perley Falling Sand
Abhinand Sukumar NoteSwag
Aishwarya Prem Renu Audio Analyzer
Alan Jenn Open Chess Analysis Tool
Alex O'Neill TerraMotus (Also see here)
Allison Fisher SET Wizard
Amalia Martinez CMU-opoly (Carnegie Mellon Monopoly)
Amanda Marano AM Paint
Andrew Chang RISK!
Andrew Fernandes Word Crush
Andrew J Clark GanglioBots
Andrew Yankes Syntasp
Andy Chan Touch Screen Interface
Anton Kuznetsov PyDrums
Aziz Yousif ZIZ-Sprinter
Bob Rudolph Gestures 1.0 (Also see here)
Bojian Han 3D Mini Modelling
Brian Ho Battle Cats - A Multiplayer Tower Defense Game (Also see here)
Brian Smith Better.End.Effector
Brian Walsh 3-Planes
Carson Rajcan Brick Breaker 3D
Cate Fox-Lent Moving Bubble Graph
Chia Dai Terminal Navigator
Christopher Liu PyPoker
Christopher Wei SpaceInvaders
Colin Wee megaPsYm
Connor Maines Tri-Dimensional Chess
Cristian Vallejo Super Mario Bros. (Also see here)
Dan Cheng Harvest Moon
Daniel Schartner Tichu
David Zhu jetpackman
Easwaran Ramamurthy Ozil's Eye Soccer Game
Eileen Jiang Vortex Venture
Elliot Watson Magnet Ball 92'
Emily Zhou Off the Page
Evan Lee Propel (game)
Evan Metsky Evolution Simulator
Gongxun Liu Visual Matrix Solver
Hang Cui Quadcopter Control System Based on WiFi
Haoyu Feng Haoyu's Music Player
Hongyu Li Protect Kirby
Hotae Noh The Traveler
Jakob Przybycien Asteroids++
Jamei Wang Pattern Maker
Jeffrey Liu Starcraft Tactics
Jing Li Thomas was alone
Joey Fernau 2.5D First Person Shooter
John Choi Life in a Box
John Paul Helveston Monotonicity Analysis & Optimization in Python (Also see here)
Jonathan D. Ortiz Space Janitor Alpha
Joohyun Lee Fight The Program
Jordan Wu Poly X
Justice Frimpong Shoot To Survive!
Justin Forman Calendar
Kai Kang Pokemon 3D (Also see here)
Kamaru-deen Lawal Kombinatorics for Kids
Karthic Palaniappan Flight Simulator: World War II Ace
Kathleen Fuh Brickbreaker
Kevin Reichek The World's Hardest Game Level Editor
Kim Kleiven America's Pastime
Kirn Hans MS Paint
Kristen Flint Math Tutor
Kyuwon Kim The Matrix
Lei Feng 3D drawing on 2D paper
Lillian Choung Grace Notes
Luca Damasco Galuca - Sieze the Diem
Lukas Maxeiner Font Creator
Luke Metro Super Circuit Solver
Madeline Duque Pens and Pixels: Draw a level!
Madison Scott Circuit Solver
Mark Fernandez Basic Circuit Solver
Mark Mendell Hymn Checker and Generator
Melanie Seah Bacteria Blaster
Michelle Ma Humanoid Maker
Michelle Wong PacMan 2.0
Miles Peyton Gridrididi
Neil Ryan Music Equalizer
Nick Coronado Space Synth 1.0
Nick Tackowiak Nick's Pics
Nicol Lo Vocab Builer
Nikhil Nilakantan Air Draw 1.0
Obawole Idowu The game of LIFE
Owen Fan Distributive File Backup
Paul Chun LeapReader
Pavithran Nair Tympanis
Priscilla Jenq Chasing Melody
Ram Verma Elemental Tower Defense
Rebecca Dun smallHobby (Also see here)
Renzo Bautista Draw My Thing
Richa Mohan Rubik's Cube-oid Generator and Solver
Riya Savla Image Editor
Robert Maratos CMU Wifi
Rohan Jadvani Gravity Shift
Rohan Varma Multiplayer Asteroids
Ruixi Deng Gesture guitar hero
Sam Smith Magic the Gathering Digital Player
Sarah Mica The Great Marker Game
Scott Landes VirtualMap
Sean Buckley Slower than C
Selin Sirinterlikci Audiosurf: A Music Game
Shalyn Guthery My Road Trip
Sharangdhar Chakraborty Battle City
Siddhant Madhuk Force Simulator
Siddhant Wadhwa Deep Space
Siddharth Gurdasani Helicopter Game
Sonia Azad Plants VS Zombies
Sophie Li Cartoonizer
Steven Silverman Silver Stats
Suzz Glennon Settlers of Catan Server
Takumi Fujimoto Origami Simulator
Thatcher Montgomery Off to Fight the Rabbit
Tianming Chen Circuit analyzer with image recognition
Tommy Lau PyMusicStudio
Vasif parkMyCars: design automation tool
Veer Gupta Scrabble
Vivek Sridhar LED Cube Designer
Weili Tomb Catch
Wenbo Wu Primitive's got Talent
Wenzhu Liu Paint Board
Xiangrui Meng Brick Breaker
Xinyu Miao Chinese pocker game via local network
Yang Wang fancy map
Yang Zhang Guitar Game
Yijing Chen PyCross: The Python-based crossword creator
Zach Rispoli JellyEarth: Earthquake Visualizer
Zachary Newman It's a roomba!
Zachary Piscitelli Risk: the Game of Global Domination (with AI)
Zevran Gong Land One Stand

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