15-100: Schedule
Sections S-V
Fall 2008

Week #


Event / Topics


Mon 25-Aug to
Fri 29-Aug
Getting Started
Data and Expressions
Writing Static Methods
Homework #1 - Practice
Homework #1 (due Mon 1-Sep at 11:59pm)


Mon 1-Sep to
Fri 5-Sep
Loops (An Introduction)
Quiz 1 (on Fri 5-Sep)
Homework #2 - Practice
Homework #2 (due Mon 8-Sep at 11:59pm)


Mon 8-Sep to
Fri 12-Sep
Scanner Methods and Console UI
Quiz 2 (on Fri 12-Sep)
Homework #3 - Practice
Homework #3 (due Mon 15-Sep at 11:59pm)

Mon 15-Sep to
Fri 19-Sep

String and Character Methods
Math and Random Methods
Getting Started with Graphics
Code Tracing
Bonus Lecture #1:  Circuits and Assembly
Homework #4 (due Thu 25-Sep at 11:59pm)

Mon 22-Sep to
Fri 26-Sep

Graphics, Color, and Polygon Methods
Getting Started with Events
Quiz 3 (on Tue 23-Sep)
Homework #5 (due Thu 2-Oct at 11:59pm)

Mon 29-Sep to
Fri 3-Oct

One-Dimensional Arrays
--- end of midterm #1 material ---
Two-Dimensional Arrays
Bonus Lecture #2:  Matrices and Mazes
Quiz 4 (on Tue 30-Sep)
Homework #6 (Connect4) (due Fri 10-Oct at 7:59pm)

Mon 6-Oct to
Fri 10-Oct

Searching and Sorting
Midterm #1:  Programming Portion (on Fri 10-Oct)
Homework #7 (Snake) (due Thu 16-Oct at 11:59pm)
Mon 13-Oct to
Fri 17-Oct
Midterm #1:  Written Portion (on Tue 14-Oct)
Bonus Lecture #3:  Sub-quadratic sorts (mergesort, quicksort, heapsort, radixsort)
Bonus Homework #7b (optionally due Thu 23-Oct at 11:59pm)
    Mid-semester break
Mon 20-Oct to
Fri 24-Oct
SCALES (Strings, Conditionals, Arrays, Loops, Expressions, and Syntax) review
Getting Started with Writing Classes
Bonus Lecture #4: A (simple) interpreter and (an even simpler) spreadsheet (1 of 2)
Quiz 5 (on Tue 21-Oct)
Homework #8 (due Fri 31-Oct at 4:59pm)
Mon 27-Oct to
Fri 31-Oct
SCALES review + Ch 1 Reading
Writing Classes
Bonus Lecture #5: A (simple) interpreter and (an even simpler) spreadsheet (2 of 2)
Homework #9 (Tetris, part 1 of 2) (due Thu 6-Nov at 11:59pm)
Mon 3-Nov to
Fri 7-Nov
SCALES review + Ch 2-3 Reading
More Data and Expressions
Getting Started with the Java Collection Framework
Quiz 7-8 Handout
Quiz 6 (on Tue 4-Nov)
Homework #10 (Tetris, part 2 of 2) (due Thu 13-Nov at 11:59pm)
Mon 10-Nov to
Fri 14-Nov
SCALES review + Ch 4-5 Reading
More Conditionals and Loops
Style + Code Conventions
Bonus Lecture #6: AI (1 of 2):  Solving 16-Puzzles with Breadth-First + A* Search
Quiz 7 (on Tue 11-Nov)
Homework #11 (due Thu 20-Nov at 11:59pm)
--- end of midterm #2 material ---
Mon 17-Nov to
Fri 21-Nov
SCALES review + Ch 6-7 Reading
Inheritance and Polymorphism
Bonus Lecture #7: AI (2 of 2):  Playing Othello with Minimax Search
Quiz 8 (on Tue 18-Nov)
Homework #12 (Set) (due Thu 4-Dec at 9:59pm)
Mon 24-Nov to
Tue 25-Nov
SCALES review + Optional Ch 8-9 Reading
Case Study:  Writing intArrayAsList by Extending AbstractList
Bonus Lecture #8: Compression and Encryption + Combinatorial Iterators
Quiz 9 (on Tue 25-Nov)
    Thanksgiving Break (No Classes on Wed 26-Nov thru Fri 28-Nov)
Mon 1-Dec to
Fri 5-Dec
SCALES review + Optional Ch 10-12 Reading
Getting Started with Exceptions
Getting Started with Recursion
Getting Started with Swing + Deployment
Changes to Course Notes (Additions, Deletions, and Errata)
Bonus Lecture #9: A Multiplayer Servlet-based Game + (briefly) Text Adventures
Midterm #2 (on Fri 5-Dec)
--- Mon 8-Dec Final Exam Information Sheet
Final Exam (on Mon 08-Dec from 8:30am to 11:30am), UC McConomy