15-100: Introductory / Intermediate Programming
Sections S-V
Fall 2008

Lecture 8, Sections S-T (Kosbie)
Lectures 9+17, Sections U-V (Stehlik)


An introduction to the process of program design and analysis using the Java programming language for students who have NO prior programming experience. Topics to be covered include basic data types and their operators, I/O, control structures (selection, loops), classes (including methods and fields), arrays, and simple sorting and searching algorithms. Students with prior programming experience are strongly encouraged to take 15-111. If you've taken a programming course in a language other than Java and have used functions, loops, and arrays, you should NOT enroll in 15-100 and instead enroll in 15-111. NOTE: students who receive a grade of C or less in 15-100 should discuss whether they are adequately prepared for 15-200 with their academic advisor.

Prerequisites:     None.

Corequisites:     None.

Cross Listed Courses:     None.

Notes:     Consider taking 15-111 if you have some programming background, such as , reading values from a file into an array and then writing methods that , examine the objects stored in it. Otherwise, consider taking 15-100. , , Lecture 1 (with sections A, B & C) is for CS MAJORS ONLY. , , Lecture 10 (with section W) is taught at the Qatar campus.